importance of backup
Remember that archives are for discovery while backups are for recovery. Although backup and archives are sometimes misunderstood, knowing the distinctions can help you save a lot of time and money. Although recovery and discovery are skills the business needs and is willing to pay an IT Managed Services company or Technology Consultant for, backing up and archiving may be considered IT responsibilities for their own Cloud Storage solutions.

There is a difference between archives and backups and a use case for each. To make the use case work, a few minor tweaks can occasionally be needed. Gaining a rudimentary understanding of backups and archives can save you a lot of money and time.


The IS

An alternative location for your older, less often-used production data is a data archive. Based on keywords, it can be searched and indexed. Your retention policy or compliance requirements determine the time frame after which archives are removed by your Cloud Storage Provider such as Bizbro IT Solutions.

The is NOT

Archives are not a backup of your production data for emergencies. They are not copies of your production data in any way. If you mistakenly delete a file or lose your data, archives won’t be of any assistance. Archive data is not a multiple of production data from different recovery points.

And the WHY

Older data is transferred to a different location by archives. Your present data will have more storage space as a result. For historical research, regulatory compliance, or in the event of a legal problem where specific information must be delivered to a legal team, archives are indexed and searchable or talked to an Information technology specialist.


The IS

Data from a certain day and time is copied as a backup. If something were to happen to the production copy of the data, it would mostly be utilized for recovery or restoration for IT Security or Network Security due to a recent attack The file or folder will be restored to the condition it was in at the time of the backup.

To ensure that the most recent version of the data is copied to a secure location, backups are often performed.

Daily, weekly, and monthly copies of the data are typically made as part of a backup strategy. The information is kept on discs, tapes, or on the cloud by a responsible Cloud Storage Solutions partner such as Bizbro.

The is NOT

Backups are not intended to be searched for or found. You must restore the entire backup before searching for a particular topic or sender if you backup your email and need to refer to it to find all emails relevant to a specific topic. Assuming you have enough storage space to restore the email database 84 times, if you saved all of the monthly backups for seven years, you would need to perform that process 84 times to have a successful search by your Cloud Hosting Provider. Space is not freed up by backups.

And the WHY

Backups shield your data from calamity, accidental destruction, and harm. Multiple copies on various media and offshore storage of at least one copy are essential components of a sound backup strategy.

Always Remember

Although the data is still in production, archives do not update the data. For the archived data, a backup is advised, albeit the frequency of backups can be decreased.

By providing a copy of the production data that was corrupted or damaged, backups shield you in the event of a disaster and use a trusted Cloud Hosting or Storage Provider. You can access earlier data through archives that may have simply been forgotten and not corrupted or destroyed. By giving earlier facts that could support your position in court, archives could help defend you in a legal dispute.

At Bizbro we offer multi-level backup solutions for your servers and desktops with the option to restore them without hassle. Contact us today how to enable this solution for your business.