Smart City Consulting

bizbro provides a full cycle of consulting services for Smart Cities and Buildings, including:

  • Strategy
  • Planning & Design
  • Requirement Analysis & RFP
  • Implementation
  • Digitization
  • Program and Project Management

With extensive global experience, bizbro brings innovative ideas and transformational concepts to help create smart cities and buildings while developing, deploying, and managing end-to-end customer solutions

IT Consulting Vancouver, IT Consulting Company Vancouver

 The fast-changing business world coupled with ever-changing client needs is a tough environment. Not only does it put pressure on businesses financially, the overload on managing the technology aspects is truly challenging.

IT Consulting in Vancouver, even elsewhere in the world is faced with a multitude of options, business needs to keep pace with, stake their reputation with a third party they cannot control and even get challenged by disruptions. Bizbro aims to solve these problems by being the company that not only offers IT Consulting in Vancouver but also providing the solutions needed to solve the most challenging business problems facing small-medium businesses.

Bizbro’ s approach to offering its consulting services is to bring years of global consulting experience to bear while understanding the unique and individual business needs and functional challenge instead of forcing the technology (‘copy-paste’) approach taken otherwise. Each business has its own needs, requirements, limitations, technology adoptability and even affordability. Bizbro understands and empathizes with these needs and offers IT Consulting to qualify solutions, identify technology viability and compatibility while keeping an eye on opportunities for improvement. Sometimes the most critical problem has a simple solution while a minor issue may have expensive implications – Bizbro’ s IT Consulting helps you identify scenarios and becomes your long-term guide for not only technology solutions but also as a valued technical facilitator.

Typically, business owners face issues with multitudes of vendors who are specialized in specific field, such as computation infrastructure (personal computers (PC)/ laptops, servers, etc.), network infrastructure (switches, routers, firewalls, Wi-Fi Access Points, etc.) while others are specialized in services such as Managed Services Providers (MSP), IT security, Cloud computing, Systems Integrations, software development, and the list goes on. These, and many more providers, are the need of any robust IT infrastructure but managing them all together is not the primary task of most non-IT businesses. This is where Bizbro with its IT Consulting services offers business owners in Vancouver the ability to make sense of it all. We offer a free 1-hour consultation with no commitment,a discussion that helps identify opportunities, qualifies an approach and then, hopefully, sets up a long-term relationship with your business.

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